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The Green Level High School Chorus envisions a future where excellence in singing is valued, supported and accessible by all people within the community bridging cultures, ethnicities and economic backgrounds through music. 



Ava Dixon, c/o 2022

Chorus is such an amazing program and you meet so many talented and truly incredible people through the program. Being able to express yourself through song is so important and cathartic; with other individuals it's an experience like no other!

John Campbell, c/o 2022

I've learned so much and made so many close friends. Chorus is the #1 thing I look forward to in school.

Regan Henderson, c/o 2022

Chorus is a wonderful environment for all people involved. It allows all people to thrive together!


Personal and Social Growth

  • Providing opportunity for student leadership

  • Building confidence and self-worth

  • Working and collaborating as a team

  • Taking pride in progress and hard work

  • Developing an appreciation of music and its many roles within our community and the world

Diversity, Accessibility and Safety

  • Fostering a supportive environment where all students are welcome and comfortable celebrating their uniqueness, talents, strengths and struggles 

  • Enriching the lives of people from all religious, racial, cultural and economic backgrounds

  • Providing a safe space that never compromises the security of our singers

Creativity and Excellence

  • Inspiring student achievement through high quality music education rooted in technical preparation and music literacy

  • Blending skill and artistry to share our most authentic and expressive musical interpretations with each other and all who listen to us sing

  • Developing a deeper understanding of music and its many roles within our community and the world historically and today


Mailing address:

7600 Roberts Road

Cary, NC 27519


LeeAnn Faust, Director of Choral Activities

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